How To Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Final Using SnOwbreeze 2.8 Beta 11 On Windows [Tips and Tricks]


iH8snOw updated his jailbreak utility snOwbreeze to v2.8 Beta 11 which adds support for tethered jailbreak of iOS 5.0.1 final version, and in case you don’t know the procedure don’t worry, following is the guide which describe step by step the procedure.

Reminder: Don’t update to iOS 5.0.1 until you can safely downgrade to iOS 5.0 as untethered jailbreak will take much longer for iOS 5.0.1 .


There are two requirements which are neccessary to proceed:-

1. Device Running iOS 5.0.1 [Download HERE]

2. Snowbreeze 2.8 Beta 11 [Download HERE]

STEP 1: Launch Snowbreeze 2.8 Beta 11 and click the blue arrow pointing below on the right of the menu

STEP 2: Click ” BROWSE “, point to the iOS 5.0.1 IPSW file and click the blue arrow.

STEP 3: Verification screen will open, click blue arrow.

STEP 4: If you plan to preserve iPhone’s baseband for Gevey SIM or Ultrasnow unlock choose ” Expert Mode “, else choose ” Simple Mode ” and you will be done with this.  Click blue arrow.

STEP 5: Select ” Build IPSW ” and click blue arrow.

After a while you will be notified when process is done.

STEP 6: Connect your device and click OK, then following the steps turn your device into DFU mode and you will get a confirmation prompt.

Step 7: Open iTunes and select your device. After that keep holding the left Shift key and click the ” Restore ” button which will enable you to navigate to your custom firmware file which you created by Snowbreeze.

Process Completed. Now you have to tethered boot it.

STEP 1: Launch iBooty and select your device and hit start.

STEP 2: Follow the instruction and enter your device into DFU mode.

Thats it, rest the iBooty tool will take care and you will have successfully tethered jailbreak your device.


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