Apple TV (iTV) To Have Siri, iCloud DVR Service And Better AirPlay [Report]


Since the release of Siri we have been hearing around that Apple is going to completely change the people watch TV as they have been changing the lifestyles of people by providing iPhone, Mac Devices, iPod and iPad which is seen in mostly everyones hand. We also know that Steve Jobs’ himself in an interview with Water Isaacson during the biography making of his, he said that how the people have been using the TV is now getting better and Apple has to change that way as they have been changing in each of there devices.

The Wall Street Journal,the best source of Apples content has reported that the new assigned Apples Vice President of Internet Services, Eddy Cue in a meeting has discussed mainly about Apple TV. Below is the complete sayings by Apple about Apple TC (by WSJ)

The Apple television set is said to be very reliant on the cloud, something we’ve heard before, in order to download (and likely stream) television shows, movies, and other content. There does not seem to be a large differentiating factor here from the $99 Apple TV set-top-box, but this content component is just the surface of the TV set.

Apple is looking at new forms of interaction with not only TV sets but with mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. These new ways of interacting with technology include voice and movements. The voice aspect (Siri) is something we’ve heard in reports before and movement is something that Apple has been prototyping for a while now. The Siri component would be used to change channels and search for content.

Apple is also said to be working on an enhanced version of AirPlay that allows a user to start watching video content on a television, for example, and pickup the video on their mobile device. This would be the opposite of the current AirPlay solution where someone starts watching content on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and continues via streaming to their Apple TV box. The WSJ says this may simply be an Apple TV box feature, not exclusive to the set.

The report also says late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been an advocate for controlling the Apple TV box with iOS devices (via the App Store Remote application), so we’ll likely see the Apple TV set being controlled with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches versus a standalone remote control.

Obviously, this Apple TV set would eliminate the need for the Apple TV set-top-box, and would allow users to stream content directly from the iOS device to the Apple TV set. Companies like Time Warner Cable have not been a fan of Apple’s current go through the set-top-box for streaming solution, according to the report.

Finally, the report says Apple is working on an iCloud-based DVR service, purportedly for this Apple television set.


So we guess that we should get ready to have the new boomed Television set by Apple.



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