The Proof that Samsung Shamelessly Copies Apple


Samsung and Apple are fighting fiercely, Apple banned Samsung galaxy tablet in Europe, Samsung is going to banned iPhone 5 in  We saw this image posted to Reddit after seeing it linked on Daring Fireball, and it was just too good not to share. Below you’ll see a very long image that shows how extensively Samsung has copied Apple in its products, packaging, presentation, marketing, and even app interfaces. Any one of these things by itself you might be able to pass off as coincidence or with the “there’s only so many ways to skin a tablet” argument, but when they’re put all together like this it’s pretty unmistakable how extensively and shamelessly Samsung is aping Apple.

Argue the merits of Apple’s “look and feel” lawsuit against Samsung all you like, but other than wagging our fingers at Samsung, this gets a well-deserved “No Comment.”


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