iPhone 5 Rumors: How It All Went Down in Infographic Form


For the past few months, Apple’s next major smartphone release has certainly made the tech industry busy by covering all the reports of rumors, leaks, predictions, speculations and so on. Now with Apple set to unveil the iPhone 5 at this coming Tuesday’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, it’s only a matter of days before we can finally put these rumors to rest. And to celebrate that we present to you yet another infographic, and this time it illustrates the flow of rumors regarding the iPhone 5.

This particular infographic is courtesy of AllAreaCodes where they illustrated the flow of rumor barrage about the iPhone 5 beginning with the release of the iPhone 4. Without further ado, here’s the infographic:
iPhone 5 Rumor Infographic
It is interesting to note that the first real iPhone 5 rumor surfaced about a year ago. One of the most persistent rumors is regarding the iPhone 5′s increased screen display. The iPhone 5 is expected to have a 4 inch edge-to-edge screen display, a rumor that we’re sure most iPhone fans would wish to be true. Another prominent rumor which could also be likely is that the iPhone 5 will feature an A5 chip processor and a camera of 8 megapixels. A definite upgrade to the iPhone 4′s 5 megapixel camera.

Another rumor that we could count on is that Apple will be bringing the iPhone into a new carrier, which is Sprint. There are just so many strong reports that supports this claim. There have been buzzes as well that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile but recent reports tells otherwise and it was confirmed by the company itself.

And of course, you can’t talk about iPhone 5 rumors without talking about the possibility that Apple will be releasing two iPhones this year. The rumor strives because of several speculations that Apple is about to unveil a low-end iPhone that will cater to those who doesn’t have the budget for a high-end version which is of course, the iPhone 5. With a cheaper iPhone, Apple will also be able to compete in the low to mid-range markets. Although this rumor could also turn out to be completely false because traditionally, Apple will simply keep the previous model in the market (In this case the iPhone 4) and offer it at a lower price.

With Apple’s iPhone event being just around the corner, a huge chunk of these rumors will probably be proven false and it would be interesting to see which of them was accurate. Just two more days and excitement is already in the air. We will see what the Cupertino giant has in store for us this coming Tuesday.


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