How to Add Basic Photo Edit Options to the Stock Photos App


Wishing for a quick and simple way to perform basic photo editing tasks without the use of external app?

True, such a feature is baked directly into iOS 5, but that’s still a few days away. What about now?

Jailbreak connoisseur Filippo Bigarella’s got you back, with the recent release of PhotoEdit, a jailbreak tweak that brings a few basic photo editing options to us iOS 4 users…

PhotoEdit isn’t the most robust tool in the shed, but it does bring three handy editing options to the stock Photos app.

With PhotoEdit you can rotate your photos, and adjust the color by adding grayscale or sepia filters.

The nice thing about PhotoEdit, is that it doesn’t alter your original image; it’s smart enough to create a brand new image every time you save changes.

Best of all, it’s built right into the stock Photos app, and accessing it is simple by means of the share button in the bottom left-hand corner.

For those of us still on iOS 4, then PhotoEdit is a quick and easy tweak that can hold us over until iOS 5 is released; presumably, sometime next week.

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