How to Install the biteSMS Beta on iOS 5


All time best and the favorite Tweak available in Cydia for iPhone users. One of the best tweaks which changed the way we used to do messages. It added many things and features which Apple voided to add in their previous iOS releases. As iOS 5 is around the corner and release is imminent and Apple has planned to bring in new features by introducing iMessages. This will change the way people used to Text and will for sure come up with some new features.

A part from this, BiteSMS people were getting overwhelming demand E-mails from the lover of their Tweak to add the support for iOS 5 to their Tweak. As the iOS 5 is not yet released for public, so they decided to release the Beta version of their Tweak with iOS 5 Support. Today they updated on their Forum that:

This is a very early beta release, so at this stage please don’t email us bug reports as we most likely know about them. This is not a normal beta, it’s more that users running iOS 5 would no doubt prefer something as opposed to nothing!!!

Saying that, it’s a pretty stable release and we hope you like the new look Quick Compose and Quick Reply plus the deep integration with the Apple Notification Centre. Also iMessage works seamlessly inside biteSMS.

This Tweak can be only installed on iOS 5.

Only install if you are running iOS 5!

The installation method is mentioned below:

Add the following Cydia repos:


Note: This Tweak is in its Beta Stages, may cause you some problems and can only be downloaded on a jailbroken device by Cydia.


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