15 Beautiful customizations for iPhone, Be different from the rest!


Here at It’s My Phone we really love to cuztomise our iDevices, We will be showcasing some of the best themes made by artists around the world for iDevices. Starting with the first collection, we decided to gather a few of the latest Winterboard themes and LockScreen mod’s, you will definately find this collection awesome! You can click on the name of the mod to Download these mods. Enjoy!!

Note: You will need to Jailbreak your device and install Winterboard from Cydia to use these themes.

1. Lockscreen mod LS HDCal Modd by ~Schn3d1

2. Dock mod Upojenie Wood Dock by ~Delta909

3. Winterboard theme New Icon Shadow NO reflection by ~PunkRockTuba

4. Winterboard theme Iphone4 HD by ~Tenny0404

5. Lockscreen mod LS daylock by ~cTn

6. Lockscreen mod LS Bulb by ~Schn3d1

7. Lockscreen mod qlocktwo style lockscreen by ~cTn

8. Winterboard theme Dulce HD Released 2.0 by ~ChikenArt

9. iPad winterboard theme Genesis for iPad by *JackieTran

10. Winterboard UI Popup theme Pops 2 – Ui Popup theme by *MrAronsson

11. SBSettings theme SBSetting iOS5 theme HD – SD by *kev95570

12. Lockscreen mod LS HD Weather 2.0 -with UniAW- by *Schn3d1

13. Lockscreen mod LS HD Weather 2.0 -with UniAW- by *appleforeveriph Download Link: Click Here

14. Winterboard theme & Lockscreen mod minimal+ by *smairu9

15. Winterboard theme Picnic HD by *j0egas

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