Skyfire 4.0.1 Makes It Easier To Play Flash Videos On iOS 5


After the release of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, Skyfire the top selling Browser for iDevices got major update today. Skyfire 4.0.1 was pushed out with many new features like iOS 5 support, improved loading time, and stability fixes.

Skyfire is the browser which allows you to stream Flash Media on your respected iDevice. It is mot popular and well known for its Video-Playback of Flash Movies and it re-encode the movies into Flash. From now on, it will automatically discover the related videos which you will be streaming and will show you the related videos to it.

Like if you are streaming about SIRI, so it will show you many other related videos regarding SIRI from different sources. Once again props to Skyfire because it did a job which Apple couldn’t do it till now from past 3 years. What is the job?

The job is not very difficult, but it was to introduce Flash for its iDevices. We expected that iOS 5 will bring Flash to iOS, but still now luck. The reason told by Apple is due to some security reasons they cannot port flash to iOS. That’s pretty strange.

Any how, who cares now, we got Skyfire 4.0.1 to Fire Flash on our iDeivces with much better support and stability improvements. Now not to waste your time in thinking about why Apple didn’t implemented Flash into its iOS, though they allowed competitor for Safari. Strange but true.

Skyfire Web Browser can be downloaded from below for iPhone and iPad.

Download Links:

For iPhone ($2.99)

For iPad ($4.99)

Remember, Skyfire Web Browser is the best selling and award winner browser for iOS, So every penny is worth it for it. So do buy it and let us know your views about it.


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