Hackers Control iPhone 4S Siri With Their Mind Thoughts


The genius word does not end on Apple’s innovations instead the real games starts after the actual release of the new product in the market. Apple releases iPhone 4S with Siri – voice assistant, the whole tech world got busy with the new play girl on their iPhone. The genius group of hackers appeared today with an amazing project called “Project Black Mirror” showing a method to control the iPhone 4S Siri with their mind commands. They have constructed an elaborate system involving the Adriano prototyping platform, a MacBook Pro, and ECG pads to capture analog brain waves. The hackers just command a Siri from their mind to make a call by thinking.

Well, you might be thinking that we are kidding, but we’re not! Their command’s route from the ECG pads to speech synthesizer chip, originally the hackers tries to make the whole process automate but the Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri activation bound them to press the home button of the device to activate the Siri. The real magic done there when the speech synthesizer gives a command to iPhone 4S Siri through the microphone jack.

The system successfully matches with the default commands of Siri like call (name), etc. The hackers just introduced  another way of controlling Siri or the real tech virtual assistant. The speech synthesizer converts the hacker thoughts into audible words, and acts as an input command for Siri.

The video demonstrates a call being placed, but we wonder if this method can have Siri perform more complicated tasks, like creating an email or setting a location-based reminder. So many possibilities.


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