Sync Photos and Video Between iDevices With PhotoSync [App Advice]


While Apple’s Photo Stream is a great way of getting photos to sync across multiple devices, there’s one glaring problem. Photo Stream doesn’t support video, presumably because Apple doesn’t want its servers full of hours and hours of 1080p videos showing cats sleeping.

It makes sense from a technical standpoint, but that doesn’t help you if you need to get a video from one device to another. There’s syncing with iTunes, and doing the iPhoto jig in the hope that everything works as planned, but it’s a pain, and not always practical.

That’s where PhotoSync comes in…

Priced at a reasonable $1.99, PhotoSync fills in the gaps left by Photo Stream by allowing the sharing of video and photos between iOS devices, and even Macs and PCs, wirelessly.

Operation is about as easy as it gets. Set the receiving devices up to be able to accept connections via the app’s settings, and it will show up as a potential destination for others. You can even have PhotoSync send content to web-based services like Flickr and SmugMug, should you wish.

All transfers are done over your Wi-Fi connection, so keep that in mind when moving huge video files between iDevices. If you’re happy with Wi-Fi iTunes syncing, chances are you’ll be fine with this, too. Once you’ve initiated the transfer you can even close the app, with the files continuing to copy in the background.



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