Samsung And Google’s Event Debuting Tomorrow (See Your Time Zones)


If you have missed the news last week that Samsung And Google’s Ice cream Sandwich was postponed due to the Death of Steve Jobs‘, the legendary on Wednesday, October 5th. The event was previously scheduled at 11th of October and they postponed the event due to Death of Steve Jobs. They claimed that world will be in mourn for Steve Jobs and it won’t be good to continue with the event on the previously announced date. So they postponed the event till further date.

So the event will be happening on 19th of October 2011. It is expected that Samsung will show off the Ice cream Sandwich. Where as Google might show their upcoming Nexus Prime. We can also expect that Samsung might show their Samsung Galaxy S III.

Well it is very early to say any thing about the releases. So far Ice Cream Sandwich is confirmed for the event. You might get the Ice Cream Sandwich in real also. Like, to eat. So the event will be debuting at 10:00 AM ET.

Below are some Time Zones for the event.

04:00PM - Hawaii (October 18th)

07:00PM - Pacific (October 18th)

08:00PM - Mountain (October 18th)

09:00PM - Central (October 18th)

10:00PM - Eastern (October 18th)

03:00AM - London (October 19th)

04:00AM - Paris (October 19th)

06:00AM - Moscow (October 19th)

11:00AM - Tokyo (October 19th)

You can also post up your Time Zone, so we can add it here and let all the the people from your Time Zone know about the event. Like always we will try our level best to keep you people up with the live coverage of the Event. So stay tuned.

And remember, iPhone 4S has been launched int he market, So we can see some tough competition tomorrow. We might see iPhone 4S killers or losers on the event. So for sure you don’t want to miss the event.


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