iPhone 4S With 16GB, 32GB And 64GB Memory Capacities Show Up On Vodafone Germany’s Website [SCREENSHOT]

With iPhone excitement beginning to reach fever pitch head of tomorrow’s announcement by Apple, we’re beginning to see all kinds of leaks and web-based mishaps. The latest in a long line is from Vodafone’s German arm, who’s web store now appears to be listing new iPhone models in its compatibility lists. Take the iPhone 4′s [...]



Shadowgun: An iPhone Game That Looks Good Enough to Play on Your Console. [Download]

I just started playing another shooter with a bald space-marine protagonist, run-and-gun cover system, and a generic plot that boils down to the simple mantra “shoot everything.” But the difference is that I played it on my phone, and it’s one of the best-looking game Apple’s mobile platform yet. Shadowgun isn’t without flaws, but looking [...]