How To Enable FaceTime Call Over 3G Feature In iOS 5 [Tips and Tricks]


Since the Apple has debuted its first beta of iOS 5 to developers earlier this year in April, there was a long discussion done by the developers and rumors suggests that the new iOS 5 will allow users to make FaceTime calls over 3G. As many of you have already known, the FaceTime of iOS has been limited to Wi-Fi only since the introduction of the service in the iOS 4.The developers claim in the earlier days that there is a code in the iOS 5 SDK that suggests the functionality of FaceTime calls over 3G, but actually, none of them successfully prove the claim, but later this week it’s again claimed by the hacker that he got the hands on the snippet of code that requires a little modification, in order to enable FaceTime Calls over 3G.

It’s a worth note here. That jailbreak had been using the FaceTime over 3G for a long time, as they have some extra tools to play with the iPhone core system to introduce the Apple’s hidden features in the core of iOS. However, the new iOS 5 functions seem to be the legitimate way of making FaceTime call through 3G. At the current moment, Apple has not made it available yet for the general public, don’t know why. However, you can still use the FaceTime over 3G, but this time you need to be have a jailbroken iPhone, which allows you to editing .plist file inside your device.


Step 1. Using iFile or any other file browser, navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/

Step 2. Locate the N90AP.plist and open it.

Step 3. Below the <dict> line, under <key>capabilities</key>, add in <key>3Gvenice</key><true/>

Step 4. Make sure to save your changes, and then exit the file browser.


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