iPhone 5 is Near, Will You Sell Your Old iPhone 4 For $250?


With the iPhone 5 just around the corner, the market is about to become flush with unwanted iPhone 4s. Are you going to update? If so, what are you going to do with your old iPhone 4? We suggest you check out Nextworth.

Nextworth’s electronics buyback service pays you $250 dollars for any 16 or 32GB AT&T iPhone 4 in good working condition with no heavy scratches or cracks. The thing is, you will have to hurry because the deal will end the day Apple will announce the iPhone 5, which is se for next Tuesday.

In-store programs: Simply walk into any participating retail store with your old device and walk out with the shiny new one you’ve been eying. The sales associate or customer service representative will value your device on the spot and give you a gift card or store credit. It’s easy, fast and safe!

Online programs: For those not near one of our participating retail stores (many more stores will be added in the coming months), simply get a quote online and get a check, Paypal, gift card or e-gift card mailed to you.

Here’s what to expect online:

1.Start by finding your product and get an instant quote. (You can simply type the name of your item in the search box at the top of every page.) *Hint: Type keywords slowly. The search results will be automatically refined to help you find what you are looking for!
2.Print the pre-paid shipping label at the end of the transaction.
3.Carefully pack the items and apply the pre-paid shipping label to your package. Give it to your local postal carrier or drop it by a post office.
Once we receive the item, we make sure that the item is in the condition described.
4.Please allow us approximately ten business days, from when we inspect your item(s), to when we initiate your payment.

You can also try your luck on Gazelle, but they pay $163 dollars for a 16GB iPhone 4 in good condition, or eBay, but $163 for iPhone 4 in good condition is too low, what do you think?


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