iPhone’s Hidden Panorama Mode Revealed in iOS 5


It’s repeatedly reported by the sources that Apple was quietly working on the iPhone Panorama Camera mode, but they didn’t mention it in the public releases of iOS beta’s or files. It is appeared that finally the hidden panorama mode of the iPhone camera is revealed by some infamous hackers called Chpwn, who is currently closely working on the Apple’s iPhone 4S and iOS 5 firmware to bring some of the exclusive features to iPhone 4 on iOS 5.

The iPhone hacker has the just-published couple of pictures showing iPhone’s hidden panorama picture mode, and interface. He and his team actually also uploaded the panorama picture which they take from iPhone’s hidden panorama mode of the camera.

The panorama mode of the iPhone does not carry any fancy thing to interact with the user. Users can simply enable the panorama mode on their iPhone running latest iOS 5 by tapping on a panorama button, present in the camera option’s popover. The iPhone gives a normal tutorial on screen which helps users in shooting their panorama pictures. You can simply capture the panorama by moving phone from left to right.


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