How To Launch Any App On iPhone 4S Using Siri


We all have done couple of tricks with Apple’s newly launched iPhone 4S Siri, and obviously asked couple of non-sense questions to check out its silliness. While Apple has baked it with a lot of potential features, but still it misses out many handy features. Some days ago, we have published a tip for Siri users, which allows them to directly tweet and update their Facebook status right from Siri panel. So far, we have tested couple things with Siri, but no one has yet come up with an idea to use Siri for opening third-party installed applications on the device.


Opening an application on iPhone 4S sounds really interesting, but anyone knows how is it possible? May be no one knows! If you don’t know, Apple has cool url based structure in its iOS core system that allow users or typically developers to launch their apps right from Safari by simply visiting the device URL. So in this trick, actually you have to read about your favorite apps internal URL system, and create some fake contact entries in iPhone 4S.

As we know, Siri can call anyone in your contact book, by simply calling the contact name. So all you have to do is create a contact with application URL, such as you can open Facebook for iPhone in Safari by visiting “fb://” on your device. Here is a list of some URL schemes: fb:// (Facebook), tweetbot://, reeder://, itms-apps:// (iTunes Music), maps://, sms:// (Messages), music://, youtube:// and itms-books:// (iBooks).

Alex of iDB explains this method working as:

To create a Facebook shortcut for Siri, make a new contact and name it something like “Facebook Shortcuts.” Then, add a bunch of the URL schemes from above. After you are done with it, tell Siri something along the lines of “show Facebook shortcuts.”


While using this method, you can at least get the application running on the device, but didn’t get any further access on device through Siri voice commands. Apple has not yet announced any feature of Siri which allow users to open or control any application using Siri API key.


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