Apple Announces iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour


Apple has announced the 2011 iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour for developers. The tour offers app developers from around the world a chance to learn from Apple’s experts in nine cities on three continents.

Registered Apple developers are encouraged to attend one of these events and learn from Apple and other developers. The talks will be very technical and focus on the newest innovations in iOS 5.

The iOS Tech Talk Tour will make its way to Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul, Sao Paolo, New York City, Seattle, and Austin.

You can visit Apple’s website to see the schedule, agenda, and venue for each event. This year’s iOS 5 Tech Talk tour will start next month and run through January.

Apple offers these talks for free to developers that are registered with Apple’s iOS Dev program. Membership costs $99 per year. While registered developers get to attend the talks for free, Apple notes that space is limited and that priority will be given to developers with at least one app in the App Store.

Let us know if you plan on attending one of these iOS Tech Talks! It’s sure to be a great learning experience.


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