This Is What Microsoft Thinks The Future Of Smartphones & Computers Will Look Like [VIDEO]

If there’s one thing we all seem to enjoy doing, it’s looking into the future and making weird and wonderful predictions about what the future will be like, and how our world will be changed dramatically by the technology around us.

The problem is, we’re usually very wide of the mark. Just look at some of the science fiction books and movies from twenty years ago, and see what the people of the time thought 2011 would be like.

If anything, the future has turned out to be a complete let down. Where are our flying cars, and where are our meals that come in pellet form? When predicting the future, we’re not quite good at it, we suck, to put it in simple words.

Which is why it’s particularly intriguing to see a rather fancy-looking video come out of Microsoft. Surely this has been put together by their Windows team, or perhaps their Windows Phone team, you presume. Well, you’d presume wrong because the team behind this video are the creative visionaries (does sarcasm come across well in text?) in, wait for it, the Office team!

The whole video shows what Microsoft thinks will be a whole new level of connectivity, with all our personal devices talking to each other, and linking seamlessly, or more importantly, wirelessly, with each other.

The six minute video is certainly worth your time to watch, assuming you can stand the music, but we wouldn’t be expecting anything shown to be appearing in your local Best Buy any time soon.


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