The Chronic Dev Team’s New Crash Reporter Tool


As we reported earlier today, the Chronic Dev Team was gearing up for a big announcement, and there was some pretty big hype on Twitter. Sadly it was revealed a couple hours ago that the announcement was not the untethered jailbrek that many were hoping for. However, p0sixninja has finally made the post over at, and there is news to be excited about.

This new tool comes with a whole lot more info on the progress of the iOS 5 jailbreak, namely that Apple has patched a few critical exploits that were announced at JailbreakCon earlier this year. As such, the Cronic Dev Team has released a tool that sends all crash reports from your device to them, a process which will make it much easier for the to find exploits. These crash reports are the main way that Apple finds and patches exploits before they are used in a jailbreak, and the vast amount of information that will be sent to Chronic Dev will no doubt be a big help. To participate, head on over to and check out the most recent post, and follow all the directions on how to set the system up.


1. Download  Mac | Pc (coming soon)

2. Plug in Device

3. Click “Do it!”


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