iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Speed Test Comparison

We already know the iPhone 4S is significantly faster than the iPhone 4 just by looking at the tech specs, but sometimes the best way to see a speed boost is in real world activities like launching apps, browsing the web, and just tapping around in general.

This video shows the two devices side by side doing just that. Everything is quicker, but what really surprised me was how much faster websites load in Safari on the 4S, they appear almost instantaneously.

This reminds me a lot of when the iPhone 3GS came out, and users of the iPhone 3G felt like they had a fast phone… until they saw and used the 3GS, which then became the must-have upgrade. Very tempting upgrade for those who want the quickest iPhone out there.

Update: More videos below, here are 3G speed tests on AT&T with iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4, as well as more wi-fi tests. The 4S is much faster in both cases:


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