iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw Discovered


Along with its products, Apple is well known for its trendy accessories. With the original iPad, there were the foldable iPad cases. And with the iPhone 4, there were bumpers. Now, with the iPad 2, we have Smart Covers.

The Cupertino company seemingly hit a home run with its magnetic snap-on covers for its latest tablet. But 9to5Mac is reporting that the accessory that was designed to protect the iPad 2 might also be harming it as well…

According to the report, anyone with a Smart Cover can break into your iPad 2, even if it’s password-protected. The flaw seems to be with iOS 5, but the site has been told that it’s also present in iOS 4.3. Watch this video of the exploit in action:

Although the security flaw wouldn’t give someone access to all of iOS, it would spell trouble if someone were to leave an app like Messages or Safari open. Expect to see Apple fix this in iOS 5.0.1. Until then, you might want to be extra careful with your tablet.


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