How to Enable Multi-Touch Gestures On Original iPad Running iOS 5 (Without Jailbreak)


Earlier in the month we warned you that updating to iOS 5 on your original iPad would remove the device’s multi-touch gestures. These gestures were never an official iOS feature, but they were baked into previous versions of the mobile software.

The feature allows users to swipe between apps, reveal the multitask bar, and access the home screen — all with on-screen gestures. Needless to say, some folks were upset when this option disappeared. But don’t worry, we know how to get it back…

RedmondPie points to an interesting LifeHacker article that shows you how to re-enable multi-touch gestures on an original iPad with iOS 5. The method is quite simple really, and best of all, it doesn’t require a jailbreak.

Step 1: Download the latest version of RedSn0w from here.

Step 2: After launching the utility, select the jailbreak option and follow the instructions to put your iPad into DFU mode.

Step 3: Once it recognizes your device is in DFU mode, you will get a list of options. Make sure to uncheck Cydia and select “Enable Multitasking Gestures.”

Step 4: The process takes a few minutes and a couple of restarts. Once it’s finished, open up the Settings app and select the General tab. You should now see the “Enable Multitasking” option.


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