Get Steve Jobs’ Biography For Free In Audiobook Format [How To]


For most of us, Steve Jobs’ biography is the must have book of the year. I’m sure that, most of you already bought it as hardcover or in eBook format ( probably both ). But today, we’re showing you how to get the biography for free, in audiobook format narrated by Dylan Baker and Walter Isaacson and unabridged ( anunabridged audiobook is read and recorded word for word ).


How to get it for free, you ask? Through Audible, a super-awesome audiobook download service. Anybody can sign up for a free 14-day trial of the service, and Audible will offer you a free audiobook. Among the 100,000 titles that the service offers, you can also find the official biography of Steve Jobs. So there you go…

Once downloaded, you can listen to it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, car… basically on anything that can read .mp3 files.

You will find several versions of the bio, but we suggest you check out this version

To get the 14-day free trial and one free audiobook, follow this link


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