Siri For Android “IRIS” Admits iPhone Is The Best Device [Video]


iPhone 4S Siri has already given a deep shot on the Apple’s rival business, as the folks losing their patience to run it on their device, and because of the Apple strategy of limiting it only to the latest iPhone 4S hardware currently. It appears that some Android developers has copied the same concept and the same alphabets of the Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri to introduce the new clone app of Siri,  “IRIS” app for the Android devices to provide them a virtual assistant. But how far it works?


It appears that large number of android users have already installed the application on their devices and started  making buzz around the internet by making fun of its ugly behavior towards the owners of the device. The “IRIS” app is said to be developed in the 8 hours of work, which attracts more people to itself. The application is currently available in the Android Market for free. No doubt, Siri is an intelligent application and service of Apple on iPhone 4S, but this time Android developers tried to make something in very less time, but sigh… still copying the concept and the name concept of the original application.

IRIS for Android is not the first app there who provides the voice recognition and talking assistant features, there are several apps available in the Android Market, who provides the same functionality on the Android devices, but the IRIS is a bit different from all of them and works similar to the Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri. While the IRIS start making round on tech blogs, a user come up with a really ugly thing of the app which totally lies in the favor of Apple, in short at least saying the truth.

The user asked the IRIS on his Samsung Galaxy S II about the iPhone and the best device of the world, and the answer was a bit shocking for the user who holds the device, the IRIS believes that the Apple’s iPhone is the best device ever created till now.  After spending couple of minutes with the application, we think the app will blow the Android reputation with its answers to the users.


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