How iMessage Works In iOS 5? Here’s A Hands-On Demo [VIDEO]


We are curious about how iMessage works, and Redmond Pie, got their hands on iOS 5 and has put together a video showcasing iMessage, one of the major new features in iOS 5. Overall, it went pretty smoothly.

This video might show you a few things you might not yet know: for example, iMessage is actually integrated into the iOS messages app, meaning it will automatically switch to SMS mode, which looks and feels identical, if the recipient doesn’t have iMessage active. Once you’re chatting with your iMessage buddies, you can send them text, pictures and even videos on the fly, even if you’re in a group conversation. There’s also a FaceTime tab, if you ever wish to switch to video chat. As expected, the iMessage client is now the gold-standard instant messaging client for iOS, with integration with the Address Book and the new notifications system. Multi-person chats also work extremely smoothly, considering that this is the first beta.


via redmondpie


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